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I originally wrote the code behind this site for testing my web and database server under load. I then decided to expand on it adding more than just dynamic DNS based on Intermud3 connection records. By adding channel history, a detailed MUD List and even a small little search engine I threw together to search all the channel history logs.

Then just for my own learning experience I decided to mix it up a little and add jQuery into the mix and well let’s just say it wasn’t all fun and games but it was an interesting experience.

So all of this is my free gift to the Mudding community or more so the Mudding community using the Intermud3 and IMC2 network that this code is connected to.

Intermud3 Connection Details:
We are currently connected to *Kelly @ 8080, 8787
www.lpmuds.net – Thanks Cratylus@Dead Souls Dev

Router Status:
*Kelly uptime:   Hardware
40 Weeks, 2 Days, 17 Hours, 17 Mins, 37 Secs

Dynamic DNS:
These DNS records are created when a mud connects to the Intermud3 or IMC2 network and deleted when they have been absent for more than 3 days.
These will work fine for MUDs with a dynamic IP address due to the short TTL value of the DNS records.



Special thanks go out to Quixadhal@WileyMUD for his good choice in colors, which i decided to copy.
Quixadhal@WileyMUD - I3 Log

Kind Regards,
Adam @ Dead Souls Dev

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